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An Interview with 26th Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd AC

Recently, ECC's Bincheng Mao and Charlotte Wu sat down with Kevin Rudd, fmr. Australian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, to discuss advancing minority inclusion through service, leadership, and perseverance.

(Prime Minister Rudd with President Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, AP)

Our distinguished guest today is the Honorable Kevin Rudd, 26th Prime Minister of Australia and current President of Asia Society. As Prime Minister, he devoted the government of Australia to minority inclusion and social reconciliation. He led the Australian parliament to deliver the first-ever national apology to indigenous Australians on 13 February 2008. He also led Australia’s outstanding response to the Global Financial Crisis, regarded by the IMF as the most effective stimulus strategy among member states. Australia was the only major advanced economy not to go into recession. In addition, the Prime Minister ratified the Kyoto Protocol to address climate change and withdrew Australia from the Iraq War. He was also a co-founder of the G20.

This interview is co-moderated by Bincheng Mao and Charlotte Wu. Bincheng chairs ECC's executive board and Charlotte serves as outreach director.



Unscripted is an interview series produced by the East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting inclusion and equity for marginalized minorities.



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